That's My Story
My big break began after meeting Jim Henson
of The Muppets fame.  How does a kid with
Cerebral Palsy from Pugwash, a small town
near Halifax, Nova Scotia, get a chance to do
that?   With the blessings and support of my
family and teachers, that’s how.  
Terry Angus
Meets Jim Henson
In an interview with Jim Henson and Regis
Philbin back in 1990, Jim mentions about a
“terrific puppeteer”.  
Wow!  What an honor!  
A Terrific Puppeteer
When I was a kid, I took puppets apart and put them
back together again, sometimes with a completely
different look.  I kept practicing, actually playing, until
inspiration was the Muppets, of course, and also H. R.
Pufnstuf (remember that show?), and Walt Disney's
The Jungle Book.  I'd come up with several voices and
perform for family, friends, and my community.  
From Puppet Performer
to Puppet Creator
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Butch G. Cat
Heading to Toronto to audition for Jim Henson, I brought along the Kermit the Frog
puppet I made myself.  I also remembered to pack the repertoire of voices I had

Nervous as a foam cat, I brought my passion and skill for puppetry to that audition.  
(I was going  to say, I held my breath and crossed my fingers, but you can’t work a
puppet like that.)   It went so well Jim hired me as a puppeteer for the run of Fraggle
Rock, plus several Muppet TV specials!
My experience with Henson Productions evolved into my current focus of building
“TV Quality” puppets.  My professional education in puppet construction came as
a member of Jim Henson Productions in Toronto, Canada.  Here I learned
Drawing and Design of puppet characters.  

Having worked these puppets, I now know the benefits of high quality puppets
that will last longer.  
I continue to design and build creative and
fun puppet characters for professional use
and personal collections.  One of my
Butch G. Cat, is the inspiration
for a series of books
Inspired By Jim Henson's Muppets
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