What I Do
I’ve been designing and creating puppets for a
good long while.  My first one was a snake made
from a sock!  But as a kid, I wanted a puppet like
one of the Muppets.  Since no one made them for
the public, I decided to make them myself.  They
had to be fun, funny, and built to last.
Building Puppets
Since the 1980s
I insist on making only TV Quality puppets.  They last longer, and professionals
will tell you they stand up to performances like nobody’s business.
What Separates Angus Puppets from the Others
I begin with an idea.   Where the idea comes from is anybody’s guess. I’m inspired
by The Muppets, H.R. Pufnstuf, Walt Disney’s The Jungle Book, but my ideas come
from all over.   When you and I work together, we can brainstorm ideas together
On my
Puppet Gallery page, you’ll find a number of my one-of-a-kind puppets.
Original Puppet Designs
I do it because I love it.  It’s as simple as that.
  • Original Designs
  • Custom-made and Handcrafted
  • Quality Material
  • Unique Look and Unique Attitude
Contact me about your ideas and we can discuss what I can build for you.
Check out my Muppet posers from Master Replicas
Praise for Angus Puppets
"Terry does exceptional work from conception to
design. His attention to detail is superb! He not
only builds amazing creations, he gives them
depth and personality. His talent is rare indeed.
I recommend anyone to work with him."
Jacklyn Hunt
“Terry’s puppets have a playful look.  They're
reflective of the Jim Henson brand but there's
still something about them that is uniquely Terry’
s.  He puts a little bit of his spirit into his
Danny Renfroe
"Terry Angus is simply one of the greatest
puppet builders Earth has ever seen.  I met
Terry way back in 1984 on the set of Fraggle
Rock.*  I was 12 and got to spend the week
observing the show.  Terry was super nice to
me and we have remained friends ever since.  
He even made me my own "Muppet"... a fox
that I named "Angus" whom I still have to this
day.  His puppets are expertly crafted.  Terry
takes the time to make sure the details are of
the highest quality.  And I have seen some of
his Muppet replicas which are simply
astonishing.  I give a full 5 hoof Frank the Horse
approval to his work!"
Mark Gale
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