What I've Done
Terry Angus head shot
I’ve been fortunate to have performed various Jim Henson
Muppets for productions that include “Fraggle Rock”, “The
Fantastic Miss Piggy Show", “Muppet Family Christmas”, and
the feature film, “Follow That Bird” just to name a few.  

For television specials, independent productions, and my own
productions, I have built and performed numerous puppets of
my own creation.  You can see some in my
Puppet Gallery.
Years of Experience in the World of Puppets
Let me know if you’d like me to design and create a puppet for you.
Television Performances
(Jim Henson Productions - Toronto):
"Fraggle Rock"  
  • Performed various Fraggles
    including Storyteller, Brio,
    Morris Fraggle, plus other
    Doozers etc. as required
"Basil Hears A Noise"  
CBC Television Muppet Special
  • Performed various Muppets
"A Muppet Family Christmas"  
  • Performed various Muppets
"The Christmas Toy"  
  • Performed various Muppets
Terry Angus works Fozzie Bear puppet on set
  • Performed various Muppets
"Follow That Bird"  
Feature film
  • Performed various Muppets
"The Fantastic Miss Piggy Special"  
  • Performed various Muppets
"From The Heart: A Very Special
Arts Festival"  
NBC Network Special filmed at the
Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.
  • Built and performed Kerm-2
    with Kermit the Frog and Jim
Butch G. Cat
IWK Telethon  
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Terry Angus works fish puppet on set of 4 Fish Fly Free
Puppet Construction and
  • Jim Henson Productions
Drawing and Design
  • characters
Television Performances (independent):
I.W.K. Telethon  
ATV, Annual Production
Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Perform Butch G. Cat annually
    on the 48 hour telethon
Tooth & Claw:
It's Christmas Time Again
Tooth & Claw Productions  
Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Co-creator
  • Producer  
  • Built all puppets
  • Performed Woody Twiggs
    and Sam Mole
Gulliver Travels (Pilot)  
London, Ontario  
  • Built and performed Gulliver
    the Dog for TV pilot
Salter Street Productions /
Crossbones Productions
  • Performed and voiced Gripe
    the crow
  • Voiced Grumpus the Whale,
    Clownstar and The
Sunshine Sue and You  
Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Built and performed Woody
    the beaver puppet
Talking Heads - New Brunswick
Nurses Association Commercial
Citadel Productions  
Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Built all puppets
  • Performed Cathy and Fred
Four Fish Fly Free
(Pilot and 5 videos)
Manhattan, Kansas USA  
  • Built all puppets (20)
  • Trained all puppeteers
  • Performed three principal
  • Production consultant
The Adventures of Darwin
  • Performed voices for
    computer animated demo
Aftermath (Seasons 2 and 3)
Halifax, Nova Scotia  
  • Season 2: Built and performed
    Cyber Guy puppet
  • Season 3:  Built Angry Bob
A Child's Guide to Government
  • Voice of Maple the Dragon
    for computer animated
    educational video
Lex: The Dark Zone  
Salter Street Productions  
Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Performed two hand puppets
    of the principal characters Kai
    and Stan for one episode
ASN Kids Zone
  • Built and performed Farley
    the Dog for several
Berwin's Natural Heroes  
TAMARACK Communications Ltd.
Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Built Berwin Polar Bear
  • Production consultant
Butch G. Cat Ace Reporter:
The Crime Stoppers Caper
30 minute educational video
production for Crime Stoppers
  • Performed Butch G. Cat, Sly
    Fox and Fred Weasel  
The Citadel Arms  
Redstar Films Ltd.  
Halifax, Nova Scotia  
  • Built Mrs. Offenbach puppet  
  • Production consultant  
CBC Television's The Five Thirty
Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Performed Butch G. Cat in
    three appearances
Auntie Dee  
TAMARACK Communications Ltd.
Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Built a costume head and a
    pair of hands for a
    promotional character called
    Auntie Dee
YTV Jigsaw Express Family Blast   
YTV Television Special with
"Tooth & Claw" Characters  
  • Performed Woody Twiggs
Liography: The Fiendly Giant Story,
starring Leslie Nielsen  
Liography 2000 Productions INC.
Halifax, Nova Scotia  
  • Performed and built Rudy
    Rooster and Jerrod the Giraffe
CBC Television's First Edition  
  • Performed Woody Twiggs of
    "Tooth & Claw" on one
Kissing My Puppet  
Strider Entertainment Inc.
Frederiction, N.B.  
  • Built Owen the orangutan and
    Buford the polar bear  
  • Performed Owen
Tooth And Claw Videos  
(1990 - 1991)
  • Co-created characters and
    story with Michael Boyd  
  • Designed and built all puppets
  • Performed Woody Twiggs
Made In Canada  
Casting Couch III Productions,
Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Built and rented Goose,
    Chicken, Dog and Rabbit
  • Performed Dog and Rabbit
(1988- 1990)
CBC Television  
Halifax, Nova Scotia  
  • Various appearances
    performing characters built
    specifically for Switchback
    plus some of my more well
    known characters
Terry Angus hugs Sydney the Witch puppet on set of Blizzard Island
Blizzard Island  
CBC Television
12 episode national series
  • Co-created series  
  • Designed and built all puppets
  • Performed two principal
    characters and many other
    secondary or incidental
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